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09.19.04 (9:55 pm)   [edit]

hey it's rinna here, just letting y'all know that i'm setting up my own site for my poems.  stay tuned.  :)

x r x

Opus (ars poetica)
08.05.04 (2:40 am)   [edit]
Cranial metronome sets the beat
Solitary poet’s unwritten score
Words race erratic in sync with
Tips of fingers tapping rhythm

The scratching of the pen
Scribe the words I’d never utter
The evidence is everywhere
Scrawled lines on dockets
Espionage automatic

This mateship with the written word
I abhor it, I adore it,
I have learnt not to implore it
It binds me tight and sets the glue
A prisoner of my own desire
To write, write myself away.

My clicking tongue and tapping feet
Neither forsaken nor blessed
Unsure of all I am today
One fact remains infallible
Set in the stone assigned to me:

This is only the beginning -
The Opus of my life.

critiques most welcome. :D

**an ars poetica is a poem about poetry. ;)

Waiting for the Sun (tanka)
08.04.04 (7:01 am)   [edit]
Citronella wafts
Children itching for the burn
The countdown begins.
Stars blaze rhetoric
Just waiting for the sun

critiques most welcome. :D

Hungry Little Kitty (erotica 18+)
07.27.04 (7:02 pm)   [edit]
like a starving kitten
i lap hungrily
as if her eruption
would release my own
rocking back
bucking forth
this uninhibited primal dance
my tongue has never tasted
such exotic milk
nor has it never felt
such exquisite silk

critiques most welcome. :D

initiation (erotica 18+)
07.27.04 (6:52 pm)   [edit]
ever alluring
always assuring
it was only natural
that we took this
to your bedroom

all night she lured me
testing my arousal
her eyes and her hands
lingering too long
to be honest

as she cupped my face
and held my hips
was this what i wanted?
to look into those hazel eyes
i could have melted

we fumbled our way
out of each other's clothes
in between passionate
kissing and fondling
it was never awkward
yes, she was calculated
and seductive
but i'll play along

i never broke our lusty stare
as she eased a skilful finger
inside me
i was aching for more
arching for more
begging for more

critiques most welcome. :D

tommy tucker (erotica, 18+)
07.27.04 (6:37 pm)   [edit]
it's ten o'clock,
time to go home
the ride home was a real bitch
i'm feeling like i need to let go

goodnight and sleep tight
except for tommy next door
wake up, sleepyhead
it's time for my show

i'll stand on cue
perfect vantage point
my hair pulled loose
swept to the side;
these heels are a pain
i'll just kick them off
after i cop a feel
on your behalf

i'll take my time
let your imagination
override, drive you

this skirt is itchin'
hugging my thighs
silly me, i forgot
to wear anything
this top is too wrong
so tight - i was
a walking pair of tits

but the guys loved it
i could see it in their pants
though they don't matter
not when i come home
to you

it was so hard today, tommy
i couldn't shake
the thought of you
watching and waiting
for me tonight.

critiques welcome, but not required - this was just a fun one to do/write. there's no particular form i'm going with here. just a bit of poetic hedonism. :D

07.26.04 (3:34 am)   [edit]
i brace for the rain
the clouds gather tight
ominous billowing
their sheets haunting

this storm took my world
and turned it upside-down
polaroid moments
capture ephemeral
slivers of bliss
dog-eared and unloved
over scribbled notes
of unrequited hate

you never had to
shake it out of me

you had me at goodbye.

critiques most welcome. :D

07.25.04 (2:50 am)   [edit]
your purity, my obsession
strips me of all i've come to know
your purity, my addiction
my paltry emulation
so pious and prude
your purity, my affliction
sees me naked and bound
for the squalid to see
their lecherous eyes
deprived and wretched

so as they turn
to steal a glimpse
of your purity, my impulsion
they become all too conscious
of human sin

critiques most welcome. :D

07.23.04 (4:27 am)   [edit]
the first time i left
i got caught.

not even half an hour
had passed -
my eyes swollen shut
too exhausted to cry

as i lay myself down
i said a little prayer
and vowed -

the next time i did it
i'd do it right.

07.22.04 (9:31 pm)   [edit]

the dark sets in on me
clouding my vision
pitch black set on fever -

the hum of plotting
dull aches of noise.

I can feel you watching me
as I fumble blindly

this labyrinth changes;
the rules are null and void
dense air senses
tingling marks The End.

- the cackling
the rush -
as you come to collect.

in my blind panic
I cower

concentrate! and listen!

hit me with a hint:
a tired hinge is all I need
but you’re too cruel
to offer even that

my fingers, my feelers
as I feel the sand quicken

and the laughter
- coming closer
frozen numb,
frozen dumb.

critiques most welcome. :D

07.22.04 (2:57 pm)   [edit]
as the dusk of winter
takes you into icy embrace,
always remember -

when your heart burns cold
flint in one hand,
my faith in the other...

i will always dance for you -
your firestarter.

critiques most welcome. :D

Charlotte Tara Kavanagh
07.21.04 (6:14 pm)   [edit]
playing alone
just her and i
she spots me
and grins.

in feverish bursts
of being a princess and
collecting leaves -

i've never been
more content with life.

my rainbow girl
in rainbow tights
but i will always see her
in white.

Thank You
07.21.04 (6:09 pm)   [edit]
i am one person.

i don't bring much
to the table.

where all the big people sit
discussions of where it went awry -
refusing small change
because it doesn't make any cents.

fuck them all.

just you and i
the sun in a jar
filthy clothes and
my ragged heart
pinned to my sleeve

for us to share.

critiques most welcome. :D

Modesty - my Greek goddess (erotic poem)
07.21.04 (6:05 pm)   [edit]
vixen eyes betray
as olive silk
runs through me

jet black locks
render me helpless
as i fall under your spell
branded and bound

my poison, your lips
as they leave trails
of the sweetest honey
over my virgin body

this silent aria
her siren song
rang true to my heart
long before my body

critiques most welcome. :D

The Wall
07.20.04 (12:31 am)   [edit]
Indelible lines were drawn
Long before you said hello
Gale forced winds carry
Whispered confessions
Borne out of loneliness

Invisible to everyone else
Stands this wall, stupendous
To tease us with our wants
While we stay with our needs
Never looking away
From what could have been

Impossible to scale
Extremely grotesque
It stands unwavering
The truth excruciating
Its presence indisputable
Call it what you want

It is undeniably right

critiques most welcome. :D

The Raven Sky
07.19.04 (11:56 pm)   [edit]
I fall into a raven sky
Too long have I wept
With eyes so dry
I cannot see
My wrong from right

You see it all
A vulture's stare
You burn so strong
The window to my soul
Long gone
Embers remain

I fall into a new day
Though I cannot tell
If I am where
I want to be
Or if I want to see
Ever again

critiques most welcome. :D

Kangaroo Paw
07.19.04 (5:33 pm)   [edit]
Parched blades sway indolent
A burning silken backdrop
Aurora demands our attention

Wisps of the Waratah
Permeate the sickly scent
Of Jacarandas wilted

This Summer's leaves shrivel
Magnificence esoteric
My eyes transfix on you

Kangaroo Paws occult
Craving and begging
With palms outstretched
They call alms for your touch

critiques most welcome. :D

vermillion blues
07.18.04 (3:48 am)   [edit]
caked foundation
and lamentation
finds me desolate
cloaked in vermillion blues

beauty queens and magazines
celluloid snippets strewn
in sheets of idle dreams
blanketing my confidence

fires raged intense
sashaying among shadows
vermillion hues
unhealthy ruse

critiques most welcome. :D

07.18.04 (2:46 am)   [edit]
from afar, she looked so small
now standing before her, she looks miniscule

the way i feel tonight.

with a heavy sigh, she looked up
an arduous task in itself
grief weighing her down
swimming in cement
breathing in a smoky room
grasping for a fragment
of understanding.

so this is what it's like to feel
through those empty, sunken eyes
she was all alone.

critiques most welcome. :D

moonlight (another life)
07.18.04 (2:30 am)   [edit]
moonlight serenade
your lullaby hardly lulls
your haunting, relentless
in slivers of the bitter
and the dew of the sweet

my silent minder
you've kept my dreams
under lock and key
and held my prayers

in echoes of steel
you beat on him
the pulse of this world
the hum of the drum
a steady breath

light as a feather
melancholic drizzle
sleets of reality fall mute
sheets of comfort blanketed
for the wan and forsaken

if there is one wish
i'd like you to grant
it is to mind my beloved
tend to the fires, but
please don't let him burn

in another world
and a different life
i will care for him
but this time
it was never to be


critiques most welcome :D

autumn love
07.18.04 (2:26 am)   [edit]
auburn trees herald
angelic hibernation
autumn leaves fall unnoticed
remnants of seasonal love
summer too long gone.

she had wasted her heart
on a mere mortal.

critiques most welcome. :D

07.18.04 (2:24 am)   [edit]
with eyes closed firmly
i knew the time had come
the moment your hand left my cheek
first winter's flake fell
the kiss of renewed strength

i kept it all inside.

this meaningless existence
this halcyon daze
a smokescreen swarmed black
to the dissidence around me
unnoticed, you returned
sweeping into my peripheral
whispered into me a new death

critiques most welcome. :D

going crazy
07.18.04 (2:21 am)   [edit]
i don't think i can
keep holding down this
paralyzing fear
relentlessly crawling
out of my belly
up into my throat
clawing into my crazed mind
forcing me to look
into the eyes
of madness

critiques most welcome. :D

forgotten love
07.18.04 (2:12 am)   [edit]
still hearts
lay infected
a massacre
none defended
dreams smeared
on walls deserted
windows boarded
insanity hoarded
dark soldiers dejected
they occupy these rooms

critiques most welcome. :D